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Situation Analysis

For 2014, the Arizona State Department of Education reported 18,305 homeless students, K-12 grade level, in Maricopa County, with a total statewide homeless student population of over 34,000. There are approximately 200 plus Title I schools in Maricopa County.

Why Worldly Kids, Inc. was Created

WORLDLY KIDS, INC., (“WK”) was launched to serve the needs of a unique student population who is homeless and/or underserved. For most homeless children of today, homelessness is not a brief experience in their life, but a period of time that is fraught with educational and emotional setbacks that may last for years to come. In contrast, children living in normal homes and taught in traditional schools are given daily opportunities that help to create a positive growth environment, assuring health, happiness and wellness. For the success of these underserved children who struggle on a daily basis, for their basic needs, WK’s goal is to address those obstacles that impede their learning, so they may receive the education needed to become healthy, happy and independent, adults. These children deserve more positive opportunities in their life.

Worldly Kids commits its time and valuable resources, making a difference with these children, one school at a time. Without a advocate for these children, their needs will not be met. With the help of community leaders, corporations and their social responsibility committees, we create the awareness needed to address homelessness and poverty issues to help break the cycle. By providing a foundation of opportunities for academic success, high self-esteem and confidence, we inspire leaders for tomorrow.

Worldly Kids, Inc. Mission Statement

Serving Arizona Title 1 schools to provide provide essential tools to students as they go back to school, with our “Back To School Tools” campaign. Providing backpacks and other essential items ensures that each kid can start the year off with every tool they will need for success.  Also, every December we spread holiday cheer to students with, “Cards for Kids”.  We bring Mr and Mrs Clause to schools along with holiday cards- designed by the students, for the students. Inside is a gift card every child may take and spend on whatever they want right before Christmas.

Cards for Kids Event

What's in the WK Name?

The Worldly Kids name was selected to support our beliefs that every child is deserving and capable of becoming a Worldly Kid. These students are just as bright, capable, and articulate as their peers taught in traditional schools, except they are given daily challenges, just to get to school. With the resources and support, these children can and will rise to become leaders of tomorrow, engaging in society as functional, independent, young adults. They deal with many obstacles daily, but when given our help, they will not be marked for life. We want these children to be looked upon as “amazing, bright and successful” children. Just because they are homeless, they do not need to carry that tag with their name and image. Worldly Kids will help create those innovative opportunities that will make the difference and allow these students to be educated, become engaged and empower them for a life of health, happiness and wellness.

Our work is not just about saving homeless students, it is about giving them the opportunities that they deserve, as their peers taught in traditional schools and living in normal homes. Many successful leaders of today experienced rejection of their dreams and ambitions. They were told they would not be succeed and could not achieve anything of importance. But, somehow, they found that tiny bit of support needed to pursue their dreams and they were able to rise above the “expectations” of others; not because of what their situation was, but because of who they were… just to name a few: Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, Thomas Edison, Bill Gates, Beethoven, Helen Keller, Walt Disney, Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein and more… Worldly Kids is that bit of support to motivate our children in need to become leaders for tomorrow and for them to reach their full potential.

Our Executive Team

Michele Reagan – Arizona Secretary of State
Mathew Blades (President) – Morning Radio Show, MIX 96.9
Jamie Smith (Treasurer) – President – Diamond King Development Group
Worldly Kids, Inc. is an Arizona non-profit organization, incorporated on April 8, 2015 and received IRS tax-exempt status Section 501 (c) (3) Status with Tax ID No. 47-3825194

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